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Business Inkjet Printing vs Laser Printing

Posted by bk on 2nd Sep 2019

Businesses throughout Canada have an ongoing need to print reports, forms, invoices, memos, catalogs, spec sheets, correspondence, and other types of documents. In a team environment, printers are commonly shared, making print speed important to productivity. Colour has become increasingly important to businesses that print customer-facing documents. At the same time, cost is always a concern. Laser printers have been the go-to choice for years due to their speed, but that’s changing thanks to the next generation of business inkjet printers from Epson.

Let’s take a quick look at how Epson’s WorkForce business inkjet printers and laser printers compare:

-Simplicity — When it comes to printing a document, Epson WorkForce printers go through just one step (ejection) to printout. In contrast, laser printers go through six steps (charging, exposure, development, first transfer, second transfer, and fixing) to printout. That’s a lot of steps and moving parts involved to produce a laser printout.

-Speed — No doubt, laser printers are fast, but did you know that Epson WorkForce printers are closing the gap? The fastest model, the WorkForce Enterprise WF-C20590, prints at up to 100 ISO pages per minute.

-Media support — Epson’s business inkjet printers use cool, contact-less technology rather than heat, which means they can use a much wider variety of papers than laser printers.

-Less maintenance — With simplicity comes another benefit, less maintenance and fewer moving parts.

Myths vs Reality

At DuraFast Label Company, we hear a lot of the same misconceptions about inkjet printers. The fact is, inkjet technology has evolved by leaps and bounds and the old myths are no longer true. For example,

-Ink smearing — Epson WorkForce printers use pigment-based inks which do not smear or smudge. These inks dry instantly, allowing for worry-free handling immediately.

-Clogged or dried out printheads — Epson WorkForce printers come with PrecisionCore printheads which are designed to last the lifetime of the printer.

-Durability — Epson WorkForce printers use the same PrecisionCore technology as Epson’s industrial printers for the ultimate in durability.

-Constant ink cartridge replacements — The days of running out of ink all the time are over. These printers come with huge amounts of ink onboard. For example, the WF-C869R comes with up to three years’ worth of ink (based on 1,700 average page volume per month).

-Print quality — Epson WorkForce business inkjet printers deliver professional print quality.

-Networkability — Epson WorkForce business inkjet printers are made for workgroups with models available for a variety of networking situations including Ethernet, WiFi, and remote printing.

-Operating costs — Full colour inkjet printing is more affordable than ever. The Epson WF-C869R, for example, has the lowest colour printing costs in its class compared to colour lasers.

Epson is setting a new standard for business printing with its line of WorkForce printers. Check out the Epson WorkForce business inkjet all-in-one printers here