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Advantages of Printing Linerless Labels with the GoDEX DT4L Linerless Printer

Advantages of Printing Linerless Labels with the GoDEX DT4L Linerless Printer

Posted by BK on 17th Aug 2020

Go Linerless with the GoDEX DT4L

Affordable linerless label printing is now a reality with the GoDEX DT4L linerless direct thermal label printer. The 4-inch GoDEX DT4L includes all of the standard features you’ve come to expect of a GoDEX direct thermal label printer as well as “anti-stick” technology. This anti-stick design incorporates a platen, cutter, and various mechanisms made out of materials that won’t stick to or interfere with the exposed adhesive. As a result, the labels move through the printer and cutter as expected, but without the wasteful liner!

Because there’s no liner, the GoDEX DT4L is designed for applications where the labels are intended to be printed and applied on demand such as:

-Shipping labels

-Transportation labels

-Logistics labels

-Bills of lading labels

-Food service labels

-Manufacturing and inventory control labels

-Healthcare labels

-Prescription labels 

Advantages of Printing Linerless Labels with the GoDEX DT4L Linerless Printer

As you have likely experienced, every time you print and cut a shipping label, you must remove the label from its paper backing and then affix it to the package. Though this is an easy process, you’re left with the liner which must be thrown away. It doesn’t take long for waste containers to overflow with excess label liners. Some excess liners don’t even make it to the waste bin. Instead, they accumulate on work surfaces, creating clutter and an unkempt work area. At the end of the shift, an employee must spend time clearing the area.

By going linerless with the GoDEX DT4L linerless label printer, printing and applying labels becomes easier than ever. All that waste material never materializes, reducing a step and contributing to your green initiatives.

The GoDEX DT4L linerless label printer is also compact, fast, and reliable. It prints 203dpi labels at up to 6 ips. It has Ethernet, USB 2.0, and RS-232 Serial ports, making it extremely versatile. It also includes GoLabel label design software so you can design attractive labels with ease.

In addition, the GoDEX DT4L does not require the use of inks, toner, or ribbons because it is a direct thermal model. Its thermal print head heats the linerless thermal media, causing a reaction that produces the image. Thus, your operating costs will decrease as the only consumables needed are linerless labels.

DT4L Linerless Labels

DuraFast Label Company manufacturers linerless DT4L media specifically for this label printer. If you need a special size, we can also make custom DT4L linerless labels upon request.

The GoDEX DT4L 4-inch linerless direct thermal label printer is an outstanding choice for businesses that need a fast, economical, and reliable print-and-apply label printer. Order yours today.