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Clear Shoe Storage Box | Display Box | 2 Pack

CAD $39.99
Usually Ships 24 hours

Out of stock

5.00 LBS

Clear Shoe Box - 35.7cm x 28cm x 18.6cm - Storage Box | Display Box

  • Material: PP+AS
  • Size: 35.7*28*18.6cm
  • Part number is: 99477
  • UPC Barcode: 192952994770
  • 2 Pack (contains 2 shoe box per package)

With clear sides and a clear front door, it’s always easy to see exactly what’s inside this clear shoe storage box. There are two clear shoe storage boxes in a pack, both of which are ready to assemble. The boxes are easy to assemble and great for storing office supplies, mailroom supplies, and label printing supplies including handheld label makers, tape cartridges, blank labels, thermal transfer ribbons, spare ink cartridges, and more.

Our shoe storage box does more than store and protect shoes, it’s also ideal for office use. Use the shoe storage box to store blank labels, portable label makers, thermal transfer ribbons, ink and toner cartridges, pre-printed label rolls, mailroom supplies, and more.

 Made from plastic, each shoe box is easy to assemble and sturdy. They stack beautifully, interlocking to one another for extra stability. Since each shoe storage box has a clear front door, you can easily see — and access — the contents inside.

Prime Label Printing Storage Box

Our show storage box is perfect for storing inks, toners, media, and small label applicators associated with prime label printing. Storing blank labels in a storage box protects them from dust and debris, ensuring that they are pristine when it’s time to print. Likewise, if you print extra labels, you’ll want to keep them protected until you’re ready to use them.

Mailroom Supplies Storage Box

Use as a mailroom storage box, keeping your pre-printed return address labels, fragile labels, packing tape, stamps, and other supplies close at hand and protected from the elements when not in use.

Chemical Label Printing Storage Box

Our shoe storage boxes are handy for all kinds of use cases including chemical label storage. Conveniently store all of your blank GHS BS5609 chemical labels and extra ink cartridges in a clear or black plastic shoe box. The clear front door makes it easy to access.

Fieldwork Label Printing Storage Box

Our shoe-boxes are the perfect size for storing handheld label makers and their accessories. For example, you could store an Epson K-Sun label maker, power adapter, extra battery pack, and magnetic mounts in one shoe box and use another shoe box to stash extra PX tape cartridges. The boxes stack on top of one another or can be used separately. You could even take the entire shoe box with you, using it as its own portable container.

 As you can see, there’s more to our shoe storage boxes than simple shoe storage.

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How to Assemble our Shoe Box