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LX900 Clear Labels

LX900 Clear Labels | Labels for Primera LX900 Label Printer

The LX900 clear label pricing shown on this website is all in Canadian dollars. If you are in the USA or are an international customer, click here to go to our US website and US pricing.

DuraFast Label Company makes its own LX900 clear labels out of synthetic film materials (polypropylene and polyester) with a special topcoat for LX900 inks sourced from manufacturers located in USA. These clear polypropylene and polyester film labels have a clear permanent adhesive on the back and are 100 percent compatible with Primera LX900, LX810, and LX800 label printers.

These LX900 clear labels are converted at DuraFast’s US and Canadian manufacturing facilities and are formulated specifically for the LX900 color label printer’s dye-based inks.

DuraFast Label Company’s clear labels have black eyemarks on the back of the labels for eyemark detection with the LX900 label printer. These transparent labels are crystal clear, but the permanent adhesive may have a frosty appearance on some surfaces. To minimize this possibility, we recommend applying these LX900 clear labels with a label applicator so that even pressure is applied the entire surface of the label. The frosty appearance usually disappears once the adhesive has had time to dry (about 24 hours).

To ensure the best print quality and results, use our LX900 clear labels with Primera’s LX900 dye-based ink cartridges.

We have a large inventory of LX900 clear labels. If you can’t find a clear polypropylene or polyester LX900 label in the size or shape you need, DuraFast Label Company is happy to make custom LX900 clear labels upon request.

LX900 Clear Labels

These LX900 Clear Labels are designed to be printed with the Primera LX900 dye based ink cartridges

936001 1"x1" (2 Across) 3550
75950 2"x1" 2300
75956 2"x8" 300
75957 2.5 inch Circle 1000
75951 3"x2" 1200
75952 3"x2.5" 1000
75958 3"x5" 500
75953 4"x2" 1200
75954 4"x3" 800
75955 4"x6" 400
936002 4"x3" NP 800

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