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Heat Press

Buy a heat press machine to end up with perfectly accurate transfers

Using an iron for transferring designs onto garments becomes a relic of the past. Considering what the latest technologies bring to the market today, that comes as no surprise. Now you can get your items imprinted without the risk of uneven lettering or smudged patterns. Seems like that fits the bill? Take a closer look at our range of heat presses for sale.

If you are involved in a garment manufacturing business, transferring design patterns onto fabrics may be a matter of your concern. This process requires pinpoint accuracy that can be effortlessly achieved with a digital heat press.  It’s a machine designed to bring the benefits of automation, laser alignment, and high-resolution imprinting to your site.

DuraFast Label Company opens its doors to those of you who are wondering where to buy a heat press at the best prices. Our range of products is extensive enough to meet all your needs. Invest in a heat press machine now and start reaping the rewards of increased efficiency and reduced turnaround times tomorrow.

What makes a digital heat press your best option?

In a nutshell, a heat press is a machine that applies pressure while imprinting graphic or text patterns on items at extremely high temperatures. The process of transferring comes down to using a flat platen, the main component of this equipment. It works by applying pre-set pressure and heat to the item that needs to be imprinted. Typically, it takes something like 10-20 seconds to transfer the necessary design on whatever is placed on a flatbed.

Once you buy a heat press machine, you will be able to:

  • Adjust the process to your specific needs. Depending on what type of the item you need to get imprinted, different settings may be required. With a heat press, you can change them as you wish. That means you can adjust everything from the operation time to temperature and pressure.

  • Transfer patterns as accurately as possible. Owing to the laser alignment technology and high-resolution imprinting, heat presses allow you to transfer all the minute details and vibrant colors of the design as if they are real.

  • Imprint designs on a variety of garments. This equipment can be used to put your custom graphic designs not only on t-shirts but also hoodies, sweatshirts, pullovers, and a myriad of other garments. Simply install the platen that features the necessary size.

  • Carry out transferring either automatically or manually. In our catalog, you will find heat presses which provide several operation modes, including manual, automatic, and semi-automatic ones. Switch to the mode you need and adjust settings so that the imprinting process can exceed your expectations.

Choose from the most budget-friendly machines on the market

DuraFast Label Company introduces a selection of heat press machines at prices which are below the market average. We can vouch for the impeccable quality of all equipment that is brought to our catalog from reputable manufacturers.

So why not avoid spending too much money on design transferring machines? Go for high-performance, cheap heat presses at our store!