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Vortex Printers

Vortex Printers | Color Label Printers | Sheet & Envelope Printer

Vortex printers are manufactured by Reprographic Technology International, or RTI Digital Ltd., a Canadian-based OEM company with worldwide operations with more than 20 years of high speed digital printing expertise.

Why Consider Vortex Printers?

Vortex printers are powered by Memjet technology, which is both ultra fast and cost efficient. Meanwhile, Vortex printers produce full color high resolution label printers at a print resolution of 1600 dpi.

DuraFast Label Company carries both the Vortex 850R color label printer (or press when combined with the option unwinder/rewinder system) and the Vortex 850s color sheet / envelope printer. Depending on your needs, any of these Vortex printers is an excellent choice that could reduce your ink consumption costs dramatically.

A Quick Look at the Vortex 850R Color Label Printer

The Reprographic Technology International Vortex 850R is a full color label printer designed for customers running mid-sized to large print jobs. Not only are these Vortex printers fast (up to 12 inches per second), high-resolution color label printers, they sip ink. The 850R color label printer has a built-in ink monitoring tool that automatically calculates your costs. It also has a touchscreen graphical user interface, allowing you to control your print jobs directly from the unit.

Note that we have Vortex 850R configurations:

  • Good: Vortex 850R Printer – For printing fan-folded labels quickly and beautifully. It uses pre-die cut labels only.
  • Better: Vortex 850R Printer + Unwinder – For printing labels on a roll. It uses pre-die cut labels only.
  • Best: Vortex 850R Printer + Unwinder + Rewinder – For printing pre-die cut labels roll to roll or for using as a digital label press with a digital label cutter and finishing system.

Each of the above Vortex printers is easy to set up and use. The Vortex 850R prints fan-folded or roll to roll with the unwinder / rewinder upgrade. No matter which Vortex 850R label printer you choose, you can save countless hours per large print run, save money on ink, and get more done.

A Quick Look at the Vortex 850S Sheet / Envelope Printer

RTI Digital Ltd. also makes a color sheet / envelope printer powered by the same Memjet technology. With the Vortex 850S sheet / envelope printer, you can print full color sheets and envelopes at a high speed and high resolution.

The Vortex 850S sheet and envelope printer is ideal for the mailing and addressing industry as it produces beautiful full color sheets and envelopes at one of the lowest costs in the industry — at speeds that leave competing printers far behind. Like other Vortex printers, the Vortex 850S is easy to set up and use.

DuraFast Label Company carries several Vortex printers, supplies, and accessories. Browse our selection of Vortex printers and accessories listed below or contact a DuraFast sales consultant for help.



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