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What Can You Do with BarTender 2016 Seagull Software?

BarTender label and barcode software is ideal for designing and printing your own BarTender labels and barcodes. While your label printer may have come with a basic label design program, it probably didn’t come with dedicated barcode software. BarTender labeling software offers a wealth of features that make designing and printing your own barcodes and labels a breeze.

The Basic Edition of the BarTender label program allows you to design and print any number of labels and barcodes including: labels, cards, magnetic stripe cards, barcodes, IDs, and more. Since the BarTender label design software is dedicated to label and barcode design, you’ll find that it’s more robust than most starter barcode printing software.

If you need more advanced features, BarTender Seagull’s Professional edition adds the ability to read data from Excel and CSV files as well as encode RFID labels. Like the basic edition of BarTender label, the Professional edition makes it easy to design and print BarTender labels and barcodes. If you need greater control or an enterprise version of BarTender labeling software, you’ll want to look at the Automation edition and Enterprise Automation edition of the BarTender label program.

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User-Friendly BarTender Label Design Software

Though using variable data and RFID encoding may sound complicated, BarTender Seagull barcode software is easy to use. The barcode printing software uses a WYSIWYG editor and templates, making designing a BarTender label a simple matter of modifying a template. You can see your changes on your computer screen and fine tune the placement of various elements on your BarTender labels until you’re satisfied with the layout.

BarTender labeling software also includes a library of ready-to-print templates and graphic symbol fonts. If you’re using the BarTender label program to print barcodes, you’ll appreciate its extensive library of industry standard barcode formats and 1 and 2 dimensional symbologies. You can even use BarTender label design software to place human readable text anywhere in relation to the actual barcode.

In addition to using this barcode software to print barcodes and standard labels, you can also use it to print GHS chemical labels. BarTender Automation edition includes a font-based collection of GHS characters, making it easy to include GHS-compliant pictograms on your chemical labels.

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