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Afinia L301 Colour Label Printer

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40.00 LBS
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Compact Colour Label Printer, Compact Price, and Big Results from the Afinia L301

The Afinia L301 color label printer is a small desktop color label maker that delivers incredible results — 4800 dpi full color label printing on demand! Ideal for small and home-based businesses, the Afinia L301 has a low retail price and low consumable costs.

How the Afinia L301 Compares with the Primera LX500

If you’re in the market for an affordable high resolution color label maker for small print jobs, the Afinia L301 and the Primera LX500 are the leading contenders. Both print at an amazing 4800 dpi, but the Afinia L301 has the edge for a few reasons:

-     The Afinia L301 uses two separate ink cartridges for tri-color and black inks whereas the LX500 uses a single tri-color cartridge. Having two cartridges results in less ink waste (and thus, lower ink costs) and truer blacks. Since the Primera uses cyan, magenta, and yellow ink to produce a composite black, the most frequently used color, it consumes a great deal of color ink — even when printing black text.

-     The Afinia L301 prints larger labels than the Primera LX500. The LX500 prints up to 4-inch wide labels while the L301 prints up to 6-inch wide labels. It can even print up to 8-inch labels if you add the optional powered label unwinder.

-     The Afinia L301 accepts label rolls on standard 3-inch cores, resulting in a larger selection of existing, compatible label stock.

Afinia L301 Labels

We have a large selection of Afinia L301 labels. When purchasing the Afinia L301 from our website, you will also receive $100 worth of free labels. See our bonuses below for more details.

Afinia L301 Ink Cartridges

We carry OEM Afinia L301 ink cartridges. Stock up on extra cartridges to minimize production delays:

-     Afinia L301 tricolor ink cartridge (CMY)

-     Afinia L301 pigment black ink cartridge

Learn More About the Afinia L301 Label Maker

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