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Afinia L501 Duo Inkjet Colour Label Printer (Bundled with Dye & Pigment Inks)

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 The Afinia L501 has now been replaced by the Afinia L502 color label printer

Afinia L501 Duo Inkjet Colour Label Printer (Bundled with Dye & Pigment Inks)


Afinia L501 Duo Label Printer — One Printer Prints Prime and Industrial Labels

Afinia Label’s new L501 Duo label printer features Duo Ink Technology, an innovative system that combines two types of label printers into one. Rather than owning separate dye ink and pigment ink printers for printing prime and industrial labels, you could own just one printer — the Afinia L501 Duo.


The Afinia L501 DUO prints prime labels with its dye printhead and dye ink cartridges (CMYK). This type of ink produces the most vibrant colors and is commonly used to produce high quality product labels.


The L501 DUO prints industrial labels using the pigment printhead and pigment ink cartridges (CMYK). This type of ink produces more durable matte labels with superior water, chemical, scratch, and oil resistance. Pigment inks won’t smudge, smear, or fade, but they are more muted in color than dye inks. With their superior durability but less vibrant colors, pigment inks are commonly used to print industrial labels like outdoor labels, GHS labels, chemical labels, and other industrial labels likely to be exposed to harsher conditions.


Quick Facts About the Afinia L501 DUO

Print Engine: HP inkjet technology with Duo Ink Technology

Resolution: 2400dpi

Media Width: 8.5 inches

Print Speed: up to 5.2 inches per second

Unwinder: Yes. Holds 8-inch OD rolls on a 3-inch core.

Other useful features: Powered cutter and touchscreen control panel


Afinia L501 DUO Labels

DuraFast Label Company carries L501 labels in a variety of materials, shapes, and sizes with configurations engineer for either the pigment or dye inks.


Check out our Afinia L501 labels for dye and pigment inks.

We stock all of the L501 inks and print heads.


Check out this video to find out more about the Afinia L501 Duo color label printer.

5 Reason to buy Afinia L501


Afinia L501 Color Label Printer Features Video:


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