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NiceLabel 2017

NiceLabel Barcode Software — Design and Print – Barcode Label Software

NiceLabel makes two versions of its Designer label and barcode design software: NiceLabel Designer Express and NiceLabel Designer Pro. These two NiceLabel Designers are especially good for small businesses that need a more robust way to design and print their barcodes and labels.

NiceLabel Designer Express

NiceLabel Designer Express comes with just one license, making it a good choice for solo business professionals, independent designers, freelancers, and small label printing departments. More robust than the label design software that comes with most label printers, NiceLabel Designer Express contains features like basic native barcode support and Excel and CSV connectivity. Now you can design and print your own barcodes complete with variable data from an Excel spreadsheet.

NiceLabel Designer Pro

NiceLabel Designer Pro has more advanced features than NiceLabel Designer Express such as advanced database connectivity including SQL. NiceLabel Designer Pro can be ordered for one users using unlimited printers or for unlimited users with 3, 5, 10, or more printer licenses.


NiceLabel PowerForms Desktop

The NiceLabel PowerForms Desktop edition is part of NiceLabel’s Design and Controlled Print family. This edition is designed for one user with unlimited printers. NiceLabel PowerForms has all the same features as NiceLabel Designer Pro, but adds additional controlled printing features such as a graphical application builder, prebuilt user interface controls, support for multiple forms, workflow and business rules editor, and the ability to control various peripheral devices.


NiceLabel PowerForms Suite

The NiceLabel PowerForms Suite adds integrated printing to the mix with a whole series of advanced printing features such as prebuilt connectors, dynamic print job previews, structured text data processing, unstructured text and binary data processing, and NiceLabel XML format data processing. This edition is designed for use with multiple users but limited printers  such as 3 printers, 5 printers, or 10 printers.


NiceLabel LMS Pro

The NiceLabel LMS Pro edition is a label management system designed for multiuser, multi-printer environments. It includes the label designer, on-demand printing, integrated printing, application builder, role-based access control, and a document management system.


NiceLabel LMS Enterprise

The NiceLabel LMS Enterprise edition is an enterprise-level label management system. The LMS Enterprise version builds on the Pro version, adding even more features such as label design, desktop or web-based printing, integrated printing system, document management with version control and quality assurance, a non-production environment, and a change and transport system.

Check out the various features and licensing options offered by these two NiceLabel Design and Barcode software and then download a free 30-day trial version to experience NiceLabel Designer label and barcode design software for yourself.