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DPR Matrix Remover & Label Slitter System

CAD $7,150.00
100.00 LBS
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DPR Matrix Remover & Label SlitterMatrix Remover & Label Slitter System

Printing labels two or three labels across on large die cut label rolls allows you to nearly double or even triple production. At the same time, it presents a unique problem: how to efficiently remove the matrix and then apply the labels. DuraFast Label Company offers a Matrix Remover and Slitter that solves this problem, allowing you to print more labels at once without having to deal with manual, messy matrix removal processes.

What is a Label Matrix?

Die cut labels are made by using a die to cut shapes into a roll of continuous label stock, much like using a cookie cutter to cut cookies. The label matrix is the surrounding label stock which can be peeled off the label roll and discarded, leaving the die cut labels behind on the roll. Removing the label matrix by hand is tedious, messy, and sticky.

How the Matrix Remover and Slitter Works

This Matrix Remover and Slitter automates the process and performs several tasks at once including:

  •               Label unwinding
  •               Matrix removal
  •               Label roll slitting
  •               Label rewinding

As the machine unwinds the label roll, it removes the matrix while simultaneous slitting the roll according to the label layout. For example, if a roll has two die cut labels across, it will slit the roll into two separate rolls.

Take advantage of larger label rolls, increase label production, and improve matrix removal and label application by ordering your Matrix Remover and Slitter today!


• 100/240VAC - 2.5A at 24V Power Supply

• Dimensions:

 - Height: 25.59”

 - Width: 35.43“

 - Depth: 19.68”

• 4 Blades Included

• 3” Fixed Core Holders

• Maximum Outside Roll Diameter 9.84”

• Maximum Label Width 8.66”

• Minimum Slitting Width 0.98”

• Manual speed Adjustment

• Label Rewinding Face-Out only

 This is a great companion product with the following label printers:  Afinia L801, Afinia R635, Primera CX1000, Primera CX1200.  With the matrix on, you can print full bleeds and then use this matrix remover and slitter to remove the matrix so that your labels can be prepared on rolls which can be used with your label applicator.


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