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Epson GP-C831 Label Unwinder

35.00 LBS
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Epson GP-C831 Label Unwinder

Now you can print labels roll to roll with your Epson GP-C831 drum label printer. DuraFast Label Company now sells te GP-C831 Label Unwinder which will hold label on rolls and feed them into the GP-C831 printer. Once printed, you can use our Label Slitter and Rewinder system to slit the tractor feed off the label and rewind the roll so that they can be used on your production line or label applicator to apply to your product.

Epson GP-C831 Label Unwinder Specifications:

Max Roll Size: 9.8" outside diameter

Max media with: 9.44"


DuraFast Label makes Epson GP-C831 labels on rolls which can be used with this Unwinder to print on the GP-C831 for both GHS BS5609 and other applications.