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Label Makers, Printers & Tapes

Label makers and tapes are a must-have for any office. Labeling items with a label maker is simple, quick, and helps keep your workspace orderly. Barcode label makers and address label printers make it easy to quickly print out labels for barcodes, packages, and other purposes.

However, with so many label makers on the market today, it can be hard to decide which one to purchase. We're here to help with a selection of portable label makers and tapes from leading label maker brands. We have Epson LabelWorks PX label makers, Seiko label makers, Brother label makers, Dymo label makers, and more. Whether you're looking for a portable label printer, shipping label printer, or a professional bulk label maker, we've got you covered.

Getting Started with a Label Maker in Canada

Canadian businesses can benefit from using a label maker to identify items and organize inventory. There are many types of label machines and tapes available that can be used for different purposes.

This type of label makers generally uses thermal transfer technology and label tape containing both the label material and the thermal ribbon for ease of use. Label tape most often comes in a cassette that you drop into the label machine. However, the Epson LabelWorks LW5010PX bulk label maker uses bulk LabelWorks PX tapes.

Some of the Brother and Seiko small printers use direct thermal technology (no ribbon required) and use Brother labels and Seiko labels respectively rather than tapes. Brother label makers that use Brother label tapes also exist.

The first step in selecting a label maker is to determine how you will use it. For example:

  • Shipping and address labels -- If you frequently ship packages to your customers, address label printers can be used for this purpose. Brother is one of the leaders in small office label makers and offers a variety of shipping label printers including the popular Brother QL800 label machine.
  • Barcode labels -- Barcode label makers support either 1D or 2D barcodes (or both), so make sure the label printer you select is capable of the type(s) of barcodes your business needs.
  • Identifying inventory -- If you need to quickly and easily identify items in stock, a small Dymo label maker, Brother label maker, or any of the Epson LabelWorks label makers can help with this task.
  • Garment identification -- If you need to label uniforms, linens, aprons, or other garments, look for a label maker that accepts iron-on fabric tapes like Epson LabelWorks PX label makers.
  • Machinery and asset tags -- If you need to label machinery or equipment, you'll want to use either embossed metal tags (we recommend the Dymo Rhino M1011 and steel or aluminum Dymo embossing tags for this) or Epson LabelWorks PX tapes with strong adhesive to ensure your labels stay put.
  • Location where you'll use the label maker -- Canada delivery drivers and field service technicians can benefit from handheld barcode label printers with carrying cases, rechargeable batteries, magnetic mounts, hot keys, and other features. On the other hand, if you'll use it primarily in production or shipping areas, and shipping label printer will be more appropriate.

Other important considerations include portability, power management, and connectivity. We have portable and handheld label makers available. Do you want a rechargeable label printer or a label maker that runs on standard batteries? Would you prefer to have the option of plugging in your label machine with an AC adapter or USB cable? Do you need Wi-Fi or Bluetooth? What about the keyboard layout? Do you want a larger QWERTY keyboard to make typing easier or the ability to edit your labels on the label maker itself without connecting it to a computer? Do you prefer Dymo labels or Dymo label tapes?

DuraFast Label Company sells a variety of Dymo, Epson, Brother, and Seiko label makers and label tapes in Canada. We are a trusted supplier for businesses, manufacturers, wineries, schools, non-profits, churches and more. Browse our selection of small printers, portable barcode label makers, Dymo labels, Epson LabelWorks PX tapes, and supplies below.