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IC2001+ AUTOPRINT Solvent-based WHITE Print Cartridge

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IC2001+ AUTOPRINT Solvent-based White Print Cartridge

Revolutionary White Ink for Dark Packaging

The IC2001+ AUTOPRINT Solvent-based White Print Cartridge is the latest innovation in white solvent ink, crafted exclusively for HP thermal inkjet printing. This advanced cartridge, which replaces the previous IC2001 model as of Q1 2024, is designed to deliver superior performance on dark packaging surfaces, offering exceptional optical density and sharpness in a single pass.

Key Features

Sharp, White Printing: The IC2001+ achieves high optical density, ensuring that your prints are clear and sharp on dark packaging surfaces with just one pass. This capability makes it perfect for producing high-contrast, easily readable prints.

Fast Dry Time: Designed to dry quickly, this ink reduces the risk of smearing or transfer, ensuring that your prints remain clean and durable even in high-traffic environments. The quick dry time also enhances production efficiency by minimizing downtime.

High Durability: The ink formulation ensures minimal smearing or transfer, making it ideal for demanding applications where prints need to withstand handling and exposure to various conditions.

Versatile Substrate Compatibility: Capable of printing on both coated and uncoated substrates without the need for ink changes, the IC2001+ enhances versatility and convenience in your printing processes. This flexibility allows for seamless transitions between different printing tasks.


The IC2001+ AUTOPRINT Solvent-based White Print Cartridge is perfect for a variety of applications where high-contrast, durable white prints are required. It is ideal for:

Printing on dark packaging materials: Achieve high-visibility prints on dark backgrounds, making your products stand out.

Marking and coding on coated and uncoated substrates: Ensure clear, precise markings for product identification and compliance.

Creating high-visibility labels and markings: Perfect for various industries that require prominent and durable labels.

Any application requiring fast-drying, durable white prints: The IC2001+ is versatile and reliable, making it suitable for diverse printing needs.

Why Choose IC2001+?

The IC2001+ AUTOPRINT Solvent-based White Print Cartridge offers unmatched performance for HP thermal inkjet printing, delivering sharp, high-density white prints on dark surfaces with quick drying times and excellent durability. Its capability to print on a variety of substrates without needing ink changes makes it a versatile and efficient choice for all your printing requirements.

Enhance Your Printing Solutions

Upgrade your printing capabilities with the IC2001+ AUTOPRINT Solvent-based White Print Cartridge and experience superior quality and reliability. For more information and to place an order, visit our website or contact our sales team today.