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DPR Matrix Removal & Slitters

DPR Matrix removal and slitter systems provide you with options during label production. For example, printing with the matrix intact allows you to print with a small bleed without leaving ink or toner on the liner. This ensures that your labels will be fully printed to the edge and avoids the problem of wet ink contaminating other labels or getting on the fuser.

However, you need a way to remove the waste matrix. With a DPR matrix removal and slitter system, you can easily unwind the labels, remove the matrix, slit the label rolls (if desired), and rewind the labels onto a new core in one easy step.

DPR also makes a standalone slitting and rewinding system which is ideal for using with pre-die-cut label rolls with multiple labels across the 8.5” media width of the printer (no matrix). The slitting and rewinding system slits the roll into individual rolls, rewinding the labels onto individual cores so that they can then be applied to a product using a label applicator or label dispenser. By adding a DPR matrix removal or slitting system to your production environment, you can print more labels on wider rolls in a single pass.

A DPR matrix removal and slitter system is a great add-on to the Primera CX1000 since the CX1000 always prints 8.5-inch-wide label rolls with the matrix intact. The DPR matrix remover and slitter allows you to remove the matrix and slit the roll into separate rolls which are then ready to be used with a label applicator or label dispenser.

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