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LX900 Matte Polypropylene Labels (BOPP)

LX900 Matte Polypropylene Labels (BOPP) | Labels for Primera LX900 Label Printer

DuraFast Label Company prides itself in making the best quality LX900 matte polypropylene labels for the Primera LX900 color label printer. Also called LX900 matte BOPP labels, these labels are made from biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP) film purchased from manufacturers located in the United States. We convert the BOPP film into LX900 matte polypropylene BOPP labels at our DuraFast Label Company facilities in Canada and the United States.

Our LX900 matte polypropylene BOPP labels are formulated for the label printer’s advanced dye-based inks and Primera Imaging Perfection™ technology. They have a permanent adhesive on the back and are 100 percent compatible with the Primera LX900 color label printer as well as the Primera LX800/LX810 color label printers.

DuraFast Label Company carries a large inventory of Primera LX900 matte polypropylene BOPP labels in various sizes and shapes. We can also make custom LX900 matte polypropylene labels upon request in different shapes and sizes.

To get the best results and the best print quality, use LX900 matte polypropylene BOPP labels with original Primera LX900 ink cartridges.

LX900 Matte Polypropylene Labels (BOPP)

These LX900 Matte Polypropylene Labels (BOPP) are designed to be printed with the Primera LX900 dye based ink cartridges

933011 0.5"x2.25" 1000
933014 1" Circle 1775
933017 1"x6" 400
933019 1"x1" (2 Across) 3550
933023 1.5"x0.75" (2 Across) 2750
933015 1.5 inch Circle 1225
933008 1.5"x1.5" 1400
933013 2 inch Circle 925
75990 2"x1" 2100
933003 2"x2" 1100
933004 2"x6" 375
75996 2"x8" 300
933022 2"x8" NP 300
933001 2.5 inch Circle 900
933005 2.5"x6" NP 375
933006 2.5"x7" 300
933007 3 inch Circle 750
933009 3"x1" 2100
75991 3"x2" 1100
75992 3"x2.5" 900
933002 3"x5" 450
933018 3"x2" Oval 1100
933020 3"x1.25" NP 1700
933021 3.75"x 5" NP 450
933016 4"x1.5" 1225
75993 4"x2" 1100
75994 4"x3" 800
933010 4"x3" NP 800
75995 4"x6" 375
933012 8"x8" NP 250

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