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LX2000 Glossy Polypropylene Labels

LX2000 Glossy Polypropylene Labels | Labels for Primera LX2000 Label Printer

We are proud to make our own LX2000 glossy polypropylene labels out of high quality polypropylene film sourced from manufacturers located in the United States. We convert the polypropylene film into LX2000 glossy polypropylene labels at DuraFast Label Company facilities in USA and Canada. Our LX2000 glossy polypropylene labels are designed exclusively for the Primera LX2000 label printer and its pigment inks from HP. Our LX2000 glossy polypropylene labels have a permanent adhesive and are 100 percent compatible with the LX2000 color label printer.

In general, most pigment-based label printers cannot print on glossy polypropylene material. The LX200 uses modified HP pigment inks to enable printing on glossy polypropylene film. Because durability varies based on the colors used and the label design and the colors used, we suggest testing these LX2000 glossy polypropylene labels before buying a large quantity.

If you need highly durable, completely waterproof labels for use with LX2000 pigment inks, we recommend using our LX2000 Chemical labels. These labels have a matte finish and will withstand long-term immersion in water and  chemical exposure. Dye-based inkjet label printers such as the Primera LX900 are better able to produce durable glossy polypropylene labels than the LX2000.

To ensure the best results and print quality, make sure to use these LX2000 glossy polypropylene labels with genuine Primera LX2000 pigment ink cartridges.

We have a large selection of LX2000 glossy polypropylene labels in different sizes and shapes. We can also custom make different shapes and sizes of our LX2000 glossy polypropylene labels upon request.

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