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Rewinder for Afinia L801 Memjet Label Printer

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Speed Up Your Label Production by Adding An Afinia L801 Label Rewinder With Your Memjet Label Printer

The Afinia Memjet color label printer can handle industrial jobs with ease, producing high-quality labels in full-color, 1600 dpi resolution. It comes with an integrated label unwinder and the option to purchase additional accessories, such as the Afinia L801 Rewinder. Adding the rewinder option allows you to run large batches of labels more efficiently. As the labels come off of the printer, they are automatically rewound into a tight spool with a maximum core width of three inches.

The L801 Rewinder is specifically designed to be used with the Afinia L801 Memjet color label printer. Since the Afinia L801 prints speed up to 60 feet per minute, you need a label rewinder that can rewind labels at the same speed as the per the printer. Plus the junction plate that is included with the L801 Rewinder perfectly aligns the printer with the rewinder to make sure that they are perfectly aligned.

The Rewinder allows you to print large number of labels roll to roll, and the finished rolls can be put on your label applicator so that they can be applied to your products. It can handle rolls of labels up to 8 inches in diameter and 8.5 inches wide. The motor is located inside the core of the rewinder to reduce the weight of the roll. You can change the direction of the rewinder's rotation to handle labels that are both facing out or facing in. Once your job is completed, simply pull out the core holder and remove the finished roll of labels.

See how to connect the Afinia L801 Rewinder to the L801 printer in the attached PDF.