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Hotronix Laser Alignment System for Heat Presses

CAD $426.00
Laser Alignment System
20.00 LBS
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Stahls Hotronix Laser Alignment System for Heat Presses

Ensure precise placement of your media transfers with this laser alignment system for heat presses. This laser alignment system includes four lasers that show you exactly where to place your design. By using this laser alignment system, sets of t-shirts, hoodies, jackets, and other garments will look consistent and professional with no embarrassing crooked designs.

The laser alignment system works with both Hotronix and MAXX heat presses (and others) and includes a helpful Layout Alignment Wizard. The laser lines intersect, enabling you to quickly place your designs before pressing.

We recommend using this heat press laser alignment system as part of a larger production solution. Consider pairing it with a Hotronix Fusion or Auto Clam or one of the MAXX heat presses for more efficient production. You may also be interested in upgrading your printer to a white media transfer printer such as a UniNet iColor 500 or iColor 600.

This Heat Press Laser Alignment System is Manufactured in North America

This heat press laser alignment system is made by Stahls in the United States and is well built.

Features and Benefits of This Laser Alignment System

Using a heat press laser alignment system can speed your production time by helping you to quickly and accurately place your media transfers onto garments before pressing them. The laser alignment system works by shining a grid onto the heat press’s lower platen. Each laser is flexible and can be adjusted by had. A layout alignment wizard is also included.


This system is designed for use with a heat press with a flat lower platen. You should have at least 18 inches of counter space on the side of the heat press for placing the laser alignment system.

How it Works

What the video below to see how this laser alignment system helps you align media transfers prior to pressing with a heat press.